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Chapter 1.2. A Model for Strategic Planning, Analyzing Cases and Decison Making

Chapter 1.3 Forest & Forest Case

Chapter 2. Influencing / Persuading

Chapter 3. Negotiating / Conflict Resolution

Chapter 4. Networking / Self Marketing

Chapter 5. Entrepreneuring / Venturing

Chapter 6. Business Plan Outline

Chapter 7. HBS Case Method Deprives Students of An Authentic Learning Experience

Chapter 8. Improving Your Ability to Recognize Business Opportunities

Chapter 9. Why Business Schools Need to Know What MBAs Want to Learn and How to Find Out

Chapter 10. What do MBAs Want and What Do They Get?

Chapter 11. Applying Services Marketing Concepts to the Administration of A Business School

Chapter 12. A Model of the Business School as A Developer of Achievers

Chapter 13. Obtaining More Options in Your 401(k) or 403 (b) Retirement Plan

Chapter 14. Breathe Slowly - Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Chapter 15. The Body Mass Index (BMI) Is Wrong



Chapter 13. Obtaining More Options in Your 401(k) or 403 (b) Retirement Plan

Some years ago, I was successful in persuading my employer to provide more options in our defined contribution retirement plan.  Subsequently, I was interviewed by Smart Money magazine about my experience.  The reporters also interviewed other people at Pace University and published an article.  The entire experience may be viewed at the following web sites:

The story is also posted on the Citibank web site at:

Enter Leon Winer in the search box and click your mouse.  Then click on any of the responses.


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